Style up with Long Swishy Y Necklaces

So, if you haven’t heard about these mod and chic pieces of jewelry yet, you have done yourself a disservice. Y necklaces are wildly popular and an in thing at this point. These necklaces are all over the place, from fashion ramps to TV shows and everywhere. The perfect piece to go with yoga tanks to haute couture gowns, Y necklaces are one of the best things presented to the ladies in recent times. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, look out for long, swishy neckpieces that are looped and tucked to form a distinct Y around the neck, and there, you have your Y-necklace.

Just to clear up any misgiving, a Y necklace cannot be made by folding up extra-long chains. Though that style was once up in the clouds and looked great too, but it would be fair to call it something else. Y necklaces are long, but not as long as flat or fixture chains. They are designed with the use of one or multiple open ended chains.  After a couple of loops, the loose ends are tied together using a little ornamental hook or to one another leaving a little bit hanging from the front.

About the length of Y necklaces, they vary, depending upon the design and style. However be it, the length normally doesn’t exceed the bust line. That is another reason why they go so well with all kinds of necklines. Best with an off-shoulder or deep-cut neck, the necklaces hang to the right point where it can be seen all along while drawing attention to certain features. As for crew, keyhole, stand-away and such necklines, these necklaces fill in the plain front of the dresses giving them a nice touch.

Y necklaces are not all chains and no embellishments. They are often adorned with itty bitty stones that may interrupt with the length of the chain, but give it a very special look. Y necklaces make a perfect accessory for both full and flat chested women. The neckpiece draws attention to the neck, and the length works to make it look slender. If you are not someone whose taste slide towards loud and gorgeous jewelry, then Y necklace is just your thing. Wear them to work, to parties, to movies and wherever, and it will always keep you in style.

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