Gems That Cut Cost, But Not Kill The Looks

The price of gold is on a timeless upward climb, as we know it. To cut cost and to bring to the people a more financially doable alternative, the jewels introduced pure silver ornaments. While that worked pretty great with many, it hardly met the thirst for gold. Along came gemstones to decorate the jewels, and that sent the prices up a couple of more notches. While that’s a reality we live in, it isn’t necessarily so bad, if you know how to dodge the bullet. The thing is, you can still buy jewelry and not lose your fortune on it, if you choose some gems over others. Diamonds are beautiful, but that is not to say, nothing else is. Here are some very pretty gemstones that can beautify any piece of jewel without driving the cost up to an insane mark.

Aquamarine: You may have seen or read about these stones before. Now it’s time to get yourself a nice piece studded with these beauties. Aquamarine, the color of ocean, is a beautiful gemstone that wears a shade of blue so rare in naturally occurring minerals, that they can hardly ever be missed. Aquamarines look great in necklaces and bracelets, but are now used in rings and earrings with equal success. You have got to check out the aquamarine collection at the stores, if you haven’t already. Aquamarine jewelry are still a novelty in the market, and that is all the more reason for you to consider.

Amethyst: This quartz is a brilliant purple gemstone that often makes appearances in pendants and bracelets. A spiritual stone by definition, this sparkling piece of purple is an eye candy that comes for a cost that is only a fraction of a diamond of the same carat. If you have a soft spot for the color purple, then an amethyst jewel is something you must have in your collection. At its price, you have the liberty to go for a nice chunky piece with still change to spare.

Opal: Opal is a magnificent gemstone and quite a shame to be placed at the bottom of any list. The brilliant iridescent of an opal surpasses that of real pearl by a wide measure. Opals come in two colors, black and white. Move over to a black opal and the color play doubles up in brilliance. A large opal framed in an ornate gold pendant is a worthy buy.

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