Stackable Jewelry For A New Style Every Day

Stackable jewelry have been around for a pretty long time. They have existed in many cultures for decades, not so much as a matter of fashion than a ritual. However, the stackable trend is back again, this time in the global fashion platform. Fashionistas have introduced this style in bangles, rings and what not. This idea of one became so wildly popular all around the globe in such a short time, that jewelers picked up cues from it to design exclusive stackable jewelry. Right now, stacking up jewelry instead of wearing just a single piece has become a trend among women of all ages.

Stackable Bangles

Bangles, bracelets, wristlets, name it and the market has it in diverse stackable varieties. You can either buy multiple pieces and stack them up as they match, or buy the one-piece stackable suite. The beauty of the latter is that it relieves you of the hassle of managing too many bracelets chafing against your arm. These one-piece stackable bracelets are a single piece that is assembled by joining multiple bangles. Understandably they have lesser freedom of mixing and matching as compared to other pieces. If you like to make your own suite of bracelets, then mix and match from your collection. The best part of making a stack on your own is that you can pick as you like. Pair a square bangle with a round one, or a charm wristlet with a heritage bangle, and you can create a style statement that has never been before.

Stackable Rings

The idea of stackable has been passed on to rings too and, by the looks of it, ladies are loving it. So, now, you can pair up rings instead of wearing one a day. The idea probably came from the concept of stacking engagement and wedding rings together. However, with this trend on, you don’t have to wait till your wedding to be able to put more than one ring in one finger. Go as you like from your box and create your own assemblage of rings. Make a stack with just bands or just solitaires, or use both. As long as they go well together, there is nothing else stopping you, really.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about stacking ornaments is that you can create a new piece every time, as long as your imagination is turned on.

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