Floral Theme- The Soul of Summer Collection

The natural flora has served as the muse for art for a long time, bringing them bountiful of inspirations in its many forms and manners. This year, floral theme dominates the spring collection. The galleries across the world are swathed with galore of floral themed jewelry. If you still haven’t caught up to the jewelry trends this year, here are some hints that will help you get your facts straight when you go out shopping this season.

Petal Studs: Petal studs are still around, only this year, you see them in a delightfully wide variety. These petal studs normally use gems in contrasting colors. Some are beset with a center stone and gems of contrasting color around. Others are made more interesting with the alternate use of dual-colored stones to create a vibrant sight. The color gradients make these studs all the more fitting to the season. If you are looking for a burst of color or a nosegay of blooms in your studs, then this makes a good fit. Petal studs have a typical star-like form with prongs with round tips forming the apex of the petals. Their shape makes them versatile to go with any outfit.  

Flowery Pendants: In the pendant section, flowery pieces rule. Flowery pendants of many different designs are spreading the spirit of spring and summer in the galleries. If you are not a fan of colors, find an opal pendant that has colors but are not screamingly vibrant. As for those who do not mind a lot of warm summery colors in their jewelry, pick anything from the colored gem section. Designers have introduced a bulk of flower-theme pendants that feature cheaper alternatives of rare gems to keep the blush alive while charging frugally.

Floral Cuff Bracelets: One of the must-buys this season is a floral cuff bracelet. These pieces are taking the market by storm. Designed with a lot of care and attention for details, most of these bracelets are handcrafted and feature plentiful stones. So, if you are bored of the all-gold bracelets, then here is the perfect excuse to break away from the traditional and take a dip into something exquisite. These bracelets are heavy on designs and that adds the element of intricacy to the pieces. The use of gems is also abundant in the cuffs. So, you may have to pony up a little extra cash on them, but it will all be worth it.

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