Unusual Diamond Rings

In today’s jewelry world, the possibilities for ring designs seem endless. Some people prefer classical styles which have stood the test of time. Others aim for vintage looks that emulate an older, glamorous image. Still more like to choose unique engagement rings which stand out from others.

One option to find these bands is to go browsing for stores and designers who specialize in unusual rings. This may be ideal for those who want something uncommon, but aren’t sure what kind of style they want. Designer engagement rings can feature innovations with mounts, metalwork and choice of cut, such as twisted gold which resembles rope, or small diamonds set into prong tips.

A second possibility is finding a jeweler who offers a create-your-own-ring feature. These commonly offer a selection of cuts, precious metal and settings. Some stores go a few steps further, providing choices of embellishment, and the ability to decide on the clarity, color and carat of the diamond. This approach may work for those who want more say over their ring’s appearance.

Another option is a designer who specializes in custom work. This allows for the greatest amount of control in the look of your ring. If there’s specific imagery, motifs or other ideas you have in mind, this may be the ideal option. Custom rings are also a good option for those who have Pear loose diamonds, but don’t yet have a setting.

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