How Diamond Shopping Can Be Pocket-Saving

You want to buy a diamond but don’t have enough to spare. If you are wishing that diamonds were available on deals, then you need to learn a couple of shopping tricks that can bring down the diamond shopping expense to the bottom, if you do it right. Yes, there is a way in which diamond shopping can be inexpensive, but it requires selective knowledge and the correct approach. Before we start, here is a basic question for you. What do you think is different between the diamonds sold at up class Tiffany & Co. showrooms and those sold at your neighborhood Costco store? Well, for one, there is quality.

Colors Can Be Unique: If you are not one of them who have a morbid hankering for achromatic diamonds, then that can save you a good deal of money. Diamonds that are graded at the bottom of the scale have slight colors in them. That happens to the presence of other minerals in trace quantity. A diamond is still a diamond if it bears a slight grey hue or a yellow tinge to it. In fact, they may look surprisingly pretty if you have the eyes to appreciate it.

It’s All in the Cuts

Cuts can magically transform really light stones to appear bigger and chunkier. Oval is one of the cuts that is particularly devised to make a flat stone appear longer and wider from its setting. So, if it’s an ornament you are to purchase, look for cuts of stones that will make the stone look bigger without needing to use an actually large stone. Baguette and emerald are examples of two other cuts that have shaped really small stones to larger dimensions.

Clarity Is Overrated

You really don’t want to go into the clarity game when buying diamonds, if you have a limited budget. Ideally, the D FL is the best grade diamond ever known to the world. However, the prices of a D Flawless diamond is exorbitantly high and is not recommended unless you have enough to splurge without a care in the world. If you are man of limited means, make yourself happy with buying something from the SI range or below. These stones have slight inclusions or flaws in them, but that is not for untrained eyes to spot, even from up close. So, whatever size of diamond you choose, stick to the bottom of the scale to keep the price that way too.

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