Rare Engagement Ring Designs For Aspiring Men

Is it that time in your relationship when you think you are ready for the big move. Getting your mind and lines ready is not everything. You also need the right ring that will make her fall in love with you, all over again. Is there a ring that can reinvigorate the romance? Yes, if you can design it. This probably may fall hard on the ears of those who do not pride on their creative inclinations. But honestly, you don’t have to be worried as we have brought together a few designs that can serve as inspirations for your story. Since your story is different, here are some rare engagement ring designs that can help you forge your own story in your own ring.

An Asscher Cut Ring

The reason why even a regular Asscher cut diamond ring can be a rare idea for an engagement ring is the rarity of the cut. Discovered by the Asscher brothers in 1902, the cut came to popularity about 20 years later and then was faded back to oblivion until recently the veil was lifted and once again, it has been introduced to the people. If your fiancé has a rare taste in things, an Asscher cut diamond ring with some nice accent stone work will do great.

Princess Cut Flush-Fit Ring

A princess cut diamond on an engagement ring may sound too common, but it’s actually not if you know how to work on the rest of the band. Use a regular princess cut diamond of 1 or higher carat. Beset the band shoulders with flush fit diamonds. The ring will look nothing like anything she has seen before. The square lines of the princess cut will only be a flattering addition to the flush setting of the band.

Round-Cut Ring with Twin-Strand Bands

Split bands is another very interesting design in rings that has totally changed the way bands were looked at before. Until this new design came into being, people weren’t very hopeful about doing something unconventional to the bands except for accenting them with stones in new and different setting styles. These twin strands have made rings twice more beautiful with just a simple idea. Split bands with a brilliant cut stone in between can make such a fine ring that you will not know until you set your eyes on one.

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