Cushion Cut Diamonds Are Back in Trend

About a hundred years ago, cushion cut diamonds used to be a rather popular cut. While round brilliant cut has replaced it from the top spot, it is still a very popular cut. With Hollywood actors and actresses adorning this old but intricately cut diamond very often, especially when they dress in the antiquated way, this cut is regaining its lost popularity and is becoming identifiable by the common people.

Cushion cut diamonds are very romantic looking, compared to the other popular fancy cuts. The look of days long gone and the nostalgia they carry are simply too difficult to resist for most of the women. One must also consider that cushion cut diamonds are perfect for both micro pave and halo settings which make them highly suitable for most of the rings as these two patters are used in the rings of today, one or the other.

Cushion cut diamonds are often called pillow cut diamonds, due to the obvious reason. Modern cushion cut diamonds are based on the antique cut and is often a combination of round brilliant cut along with square outline cut. However, the corners of these diamonds are cropped or softened and thus, the pillow shape comes to existence.  In fact, some of the most famous diamonds in the world are actually cushion cut diamonds. The famous blue hope diamond of 45 carats, the huge 317 carat Cullinan II diamond and most popular fancy diamond of 128 carats, namely Tiffany Yellow.

Cushion cut diamonds employ large facets and rounded corners to increase the brilliance of the stone. The large and uninterrupted facets emphasise the clarity of the diamond. So, the diamond of your choice is of SI clarity grade, ensure that you have checked the diamond certificate so you can know the clarity factor yourself.

The shape of these diamonds are rectangular but they can be almost square as well. You need to compare the length vs the width ratio. For the cushion cut diamond you always wanted to possess, as well as the stones those Hollywood stars wear, you should settle for a ratio of 1.2 or thereabout.

Cushion cut diamonds can be an alternative to oval shape or the fancy princess shape diamonds as they tend to reflect more light, thanks to their unbroken and large facets.  That gives the diamond a great shine and dazzle. The diamond looks really charming and has a dreamy quality.

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