How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

She has been talking to you for a few months about "Put a ring on it" and you finally give in to this idea. You are about to realize her little girl’s dream by committing with her for the best and for the worst! Before you think of the speech or the elaboration of an original scenario to make your proposal, take care to choose the ring, the precious one. The engagement ring represents your love and commitment; it must live up to its expectations. Not to mention that once in her finger, she will hasten to boast about it by showing it to all her still unmarried girl pals. Your choice is therefore of paramount importance so that once the time comes she has no hesitation in saying yes!

Determine your budget

There is a difference between loving her and buying her love. Even if you are madly in love with her and you want to please her at all costs, there is a price not to be exceeded, that of reason. Before snapping all your savings on a whim, take the time to make a point on your bank account and determine a maximum budget not to cross. It's not the price that will make the beauty of the ring; it will help you get it. Make it according to your means, especially that it will be necessary to foresee the future wedding rings, the ceremony and so on. If she loves you she'll be content. If money is not a problem and you want to get that “wow!” response from her, then go for diamond engagement rings. They are made just for glamour and to impress. Another option is if there is a ring in your family that is handed down from generation to generation, you can offer it. It will not cost you anything but the sentimental value of this jewel will have a much more significant symbolism.

Try to find out what will make her happy

Each woman is different and in jewelry they do not have all the same tastes. If you are thinking of marrying her, you must certainly know her a minimum, as well as what she enjoys. However, if it is not, you can always try to discover it in subtlety so that she does not suspect anything: look at the jeweler’s windows in her presence by paying attention to what she spies at the corner of the eye, search her jewelry box or put her girlfriends or her mum in the confidence to get information on what she wants.

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