Why Choose the Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald-cut diamond is a rage among celebrities in Hollywood to the point of becoming a typical "must have" as the engagement stone for all the actresses in sight. You share this craze for emerald cut engagement rings but you have found that they are often much more expensive than round cut diamonds and you would like to understand why? Let me explain...

As the one would have said, if the emerald size bears this name it is that it is more adapted to emeralds than diamonds. This is true for the same reason that diamonds are often cut in circles and sapphires in oval which is basically according to their crystallization system. Cut an octagonal raw emerald in half lengthwise, and you will get the first-fruits of an emerald cut with minimal weight loss. Your emerald will have its right color and will also be stronger.

On the contrary, a raw diamond, of natural octahedral shape, will not be easy to cut in an octagonal size. It will be necessary to accept a loss of material superior to that of the round size and in the end, it will be the customer who will have to pay.

For the diamond, the emerald cut little decomposes the light. Without colored brilliance, diamonds which are a little yellow will appear frankly yellowish if they are cut in this size. The inclusions invisible to the naked eye in a round will be striking to the eyes in an emerald size. The emerald size therefore implies a very good quality of diamond, which increases the price.

But the emerald diamond has a crazy charm. It shines less than a brilliant round cut, but it has an unparalleled class. Invest in this type of diamond and you will make a good investment as every time an intrinsic rarity justifies the price of a stone, and not a rarity of facade orchestrated by any marketing department.

Emerald cut engagement rings are defined as the most sober and noble diamond. Its simplicity in its shapes with purity goes well with the shape of the emerald cut, the most distinguished. A masterpiece of balance, the diamond rests on the kitten's belt, low, near the finger, on the ring with the cut angles.    Emerald cut engagement rings are made to measure according to the specific measurements (Length, width, depth) of emerald diamond which is by choice on custom request.

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