The Best Choices for Loose Diamonds: The 1/5 Carat Diamonds!

Carat (ct) is the official unit of measure for the weight and relative size of a diamond. The weight of a 1/5 carat diamond is equivalent to about 40 milligrams, or 0.04 grams. In recent years, one carat diamonds have become the standard for engagement rings. The 1/5 carat diamonds arrive just behind in second position. Known for their elegance and incomparable brilliance, the 0.2 or 1/5 carat diamonds are an ideal alternative to a more expensive carat diamond. If you are looking into investing into some loose diamonds then read on for the aspects to look into.

What about Size?

Many consumers do not realize that the carat weight of loose diamonds does not necessarily determine the appearance of the size of the diamond. A 1/5 carat diamond may sometimes look smaller than a 0.18 ct diamond, depending on its shape and how it is cut. If you want to maximize the size of your 1/5 carat diamond, measure the distance from the top of the stone (for round sizes, diameter), note the cut size, and pay attention to your mount. Diamonds with a high level of cut (Cut) offer a great reflection of light, which will make them look bigger, and some frames, such as the halo mount will also highlight the size of the stone.

A diamond takes on value according to its size, color and purity, as well as its carat weight. In general, high-carat diamonds will be more expensive than others. Therefore, the 1/5 carat diamonds will be much cheaper than a two carat diamond or even a carat, since the price of a diamond increases dramatically with every half carat.

Diamonds 0.2 or 1/5 Carat

While it is true that the most popular diamond used for Engagement Rings is a one carat diamond, the 1/5 carat diamond is the solution for couples who are looking for a smaller but remarkable diamond for their ring. Another option is to choose a frame that can accommodate several 1/5 carat diamonds, as several 1/5 carat diamonds will always cost less than a high carat diamond, and they will create the illusion of a more central diamond large. A customer whose heart is leaning towards the solitary mount would be advised to choose a frame made to maximize the amount of light reflected on the 1/5 carat diamond, which will greatly enhance the diamond.

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