How to Buy the Best Diamond at the Best Price?

Here is a guide dedicated to learning about diamonds in order to become a savvy amateur. Buying a diamond is a big investment and an important decision. Before you start, you should carry out a study as you would for the purchase of a car or any valuable property. This way, you will not only make an informed, smart and rational buying decision, but mostly choose the most beautiful diamond for the woman in your life or just make yourself happy.

1) First step: learning 4Cs

As soon as you start to get interested in diamonds, you will hear a lot about the 4Cs. In the diamond jargon - the characteristics of a diamond - are known as the 4Cs.

The 4Cs help determine the value and beauty of a diamond. These are the 4 Cs:

·         Carat - Carat
·         Cut - Size
·         Color - Color
·         Clarity - Purity

The weight of a diamond is measured in Carats. Size is considered to be the most important feature of the diamond. Indeed, a well-cut diamond will offer more fire, luster and shine. Color, the natural color of the visible material of the diamond, is the only characteristic determined by nature. Finally, Purity is an indication of the inclusions (i.e. impurities) of the diamond.

2) Step 2: Be attentive to the certificate.

As a general rule, each diamond sold in jeweler was examined and classified according to 4Cs. scientific evaluation gives you a way to compare the price of one diamond with another. A larger diamond - which weighs more in carats - may be cheaper than a smaller one whose size, purity and color is much better. All 4Cs must be taken into account to determine the value of a diamond.

But how can we be sure of the characteristics of each diamond? : The certificate. The certificate is issued by independent gemological laboratories. It is written proof of the qualities of the diamond that will serve as a basis for determining its value.

3) Third step: know your taste and choose well

There are several factors that contribute to the beauty of a diamond. Some women consider that a shape, such as a round diamond, princess or pear, is more beautiful than another shape. In fact, the beauty of the diamond is above all a matter of personal taste. Some may prefer the pear loose diamonds while others the round brilliant cut diamond.

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