The Ideal Cut for a Princess Diamond

The princess diamond is the most popular form, just after the shiny round diamond. Most of the time, the princess diamond is square, but it can also be rectangular. The princess form was created in the 1980s, and its brilliance is as impressive as that of the round brilliant diamond. The princess diamond is an original alternative to the classic round diamond. Note that if you choose a princess diamond with a low color level, it is possible that you observe color on the corners of the stone.

What is the ideal cut for a princess diamond?

Princess cut diamonds are the most popular forms of diamonds, just after the round diamond, for particular engagement rings. They are highly in demand for their value and appearance. However, unlike round diamonds, princess cut diamonds do not have a standard certification scale. The GIA or any other certifying agency will therefore not note down the size (cut) of the princess diamond on their certificates.

Therefore, how can one determine the ideal size proportions for a princess diamond? Just like the round diamond, the ideal size for a princess diamond is determined by several factors: depth and table proportions, as well as crown and breech angles. The size is also determined by the symmetrical arrangement of the facets of the diamond: how are the facets aligned with one another in order to maximize the brilliance and fire of the diamond.

So what are the ideal proportions of a princess-sized diamond? We recommend that you choose a princess diamond that has a table between 62 and 68%, a depth of 64 to 75%, and a crown of height 10 to 15%. The symmetry must also be from "very good" to "excellent".

Another very important detail when determining the ideal size for a princess diamond is the ratio width-length, which determines the square or rectangular shape of the diamond. The ratio is calculated by dividing the length by the width. A perfect square will have a ratio of 1, and a perfect rectangle will have a ratio of about 1.05.

If you are looking for princess cut engagement rings, make sure you follow these guidelines because choosing an engagement ring is a really stressful task. Do not just go for the shiniest one, demand a certified diamond as well. The certification will be beneficial for both you and the seller and ask for renowned certifiers such as GIA to be sure.

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