Famous Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear shaped loose diamonds acquired its name by the round shiny waist and the awning size. The pear size is undoubtedly one of the most elegant sizes. Synonym of delicacy, here are 56 facets that make shine in its entire splendor, the femininity and the sensuality of the wearer. Its shape in a drop of water can be compared to a tear, a tear of joy and happiness, that of declaring its flame, that of a request for marriage or simply that of saying I love you. The pear shaped diamond shines with a great femininity. Its dissymmetry makes its form particularly soft and attractive, round at one of its ends, pointed at the other.

Among the illustrious pear shaped diamonds are the "Sancy", which weighed 55 carats and passed into the hands of Charles the Bold, James I of England, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI and finally disappeared during the French Revolution and took its place At the Louvre since 1979.

Closer to home, the famous pear shaped diamond "Taylor-Burton" belonged to the most volcanic couple in American cinema and was one of the world's leading newspapers. This 69-carat pear shaped diamond was cut from a 241-carat raw diamond, discovered in 1966 at the Premier mine in South Africa. Elizabeth Taylor sold it in 1978 to raise funds for the construction of a hospital in Botswana. The actress has published a book devoted to her jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry, and defines herself as the guardian and not the owner of her precious stones.

And very recently, in 2006, a magnificent pear shaped diamond "Lesotho Promise I" was the largest stone cut from the 603-carat raw diamond, the "Lesotho Promise", discovered in the Letseng mine, the highest Diamond of the world. The "Lesotho Promise I" is a 76.41 carat pear diamond. It is of the best purity (IF) and the best color (D)

If you are looking for a specific diamond cut for an engagement ring or even for a memorable event, then I would advise pear shaped loose diamonds. The cut of this specific diamond is such that it is a mixture of fire, tradition and originality. Surely the winner for a pendant or ring! While choosing the perfect engagement ring might be a stress, choosing the pear shaped loose diamond is no brainer. You can fit in any type of ring and it will still be mind blowing.

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