Different Types of Wedding Bands

At every stage of its manufacture, your future jewel is given every attention. For the finishing touches, the jewelers pay particular attention to the rendering of each piece. Let us take a look at the types of wedding bands.

The Classic ring: The classic ring exists in different widths and weights. Some models of wedding ring are available in all gold (yellow, gray, pink), others in all gold or two-colored (yellow and pink wedding ring, gray and yellow, etc.)

The Diamond pave wedding bands: The diamond pave wedding bands are an incomparable line of beauty and purity. It exists in two forms, the diamonds cover the whole of the wedding ring, or the diamonds cover the first half of the wedding ring. Two diamond grades are usually available for these models: HSI and GVS. A full diamond ring is set all around with stones of the same size. Generally very expensive because of the number of diamonds, this type of wedding ring is often made to order depending on your finger size, stones and the kind of model you want.

The Wedding ring 2 colored gold : A jewel is said in "2 Gold" when it is made at the base with two alloys, one yellow and white, one yellow and pink, etc.

The Wedding ring 3 colored gold: A jewel is called "3 Gold" when it is made at the base with three alloys, one yellow, one pink and one white. This wedding ring was created by the Cartier jewelry brand in 1924 and around 1970 it became very popular and remains a must in the wedding ring.

The Fantasy Wedding ring: Original creations, made according to the sketches of certain designers, handmade by jewelers in the respect of a traditional craftsmanship.

Twinset Wedding rings: Tailor made your wedding ring with diamonds and makes it a unique piece. Determine the number of diamonds you want to trim: 1, 3, 6, and 9, half turn or full turn. Select your favorite gold color: yellow gold or gray gold.

The Intertwined Wedding ring: A perfect marriage of 3 wedding rings, under an explosion of colors (yellow, gray and pink).

The Wedding ring Comfort: Thanks to its bulging appearance inside the wedding ring, its reach gives you a more pleasant effect. When you hear about comfort ring, it means that the inside of the ring has a slight rounded, making it more pleasant to wear.

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