Choosing an Engagement Ring

I will not lie to you, choosing the engagement ring is a real headache! Sapphire or diamond, paved or not, platinum or white gold, rhodium or palladium ... The technical terms are numerous and it is quite difficult to see clearly. But this ring is more than just a jewel! It symbolizes the great leap, commitment (do not panic) and great love. Know it; most women have been waiting for that moment for years. It is important not to miss the ring of which she dreams.

How to choose the engagement ring?

Before going into the technical part, let's talk about the symbolism of the engagement ring. If some people agree that the engagement ring originated in prehistoric and Egyptian rites, the official existence of the ring dates back to Roman and Greek Antiquity. At that time it was just a simple iron ring which was worn on the left ring finger where there was, according to the beliefs, a vein that connected that finger directly to the heart.

It was in the Middle Ages that the precious materials, especially silver and bronze, replaced little by little the very simple iron ring. You have to wait until the 15th century to see the appearance of precious stones and diamonds adorn the rings with more and more work. The diamond, reserved for the nobility, was the guarantee of the harmony of the couple after the marriage. So much for history, now let's get to the heart of the matter!

Which stone to choose?

Symbol of purity and eternity, the diamond is the most chosen gemstone for an engagement ring. But if you want to think outside the box be aware that it is quite possible to offer a beautiful ring mounted with a sapphire, an emerald or ruby. The diamond offers the advantage of going with everything, clothing and other jewelry. The colored stone is a more of an original option. There is no rule, I advise you rather to probe the tastes of your future wife. One of the most in demand type of diamond cut is cushion cut engagement rings. Also known as the old mine cut, the cushion cut diamond gained its name from the fact that it is a combination of square cut and rounded corners which resembles a pillow. Pillow cut sounded too shabby I presume that’s why they went for cushion cut diamond. They are the type of cut which offers the most fire out of a diamond.

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