White Gold Engagement Rings Are Cheaper Alternatives

Buying a white gold engagement ring is a tempting and a daunting task, simultaneously. You should read this article if you wish it to become less daunting. You can find those engagement rings for a fair price as well as without much trouble and I will tell you how.

White gold engagement rings are used mostly for wedding and engagement purposes. Giving the bride to be a solitaire ring means your love is eternal and true for her. These rings often consist of a single diamond and can be designed to reflect your own style and choice. As you are free to choose the diamond as well, you can create something really unique and magnificent.

You can express your taste and choice and use different base metals like platinum, silver or yellow gold as well. You can choose different cuts of the diamond as well to show your style. The freedom is completely yours to exploit.

Solitaire rings came into existence in the 1830s and since then they have been popular. It is the most worn ring around the world and with the advent of white gold, the white gold solitaires have been in the trend. It is the perfect start to a new and happy married life.

However, solitaires can often burn a big hole in your pocket. That is why you need to consider other options. White gold is a cheaper alternative to gold and looks equally good while costing much less. White gold is actually real gold, mixed with silver or palladium to give it the white color. These metals are cheaper than gold and thus, when they are mixed with gold, the overall price of the new mixed metal comes down. However, the look and beauty is retained and thus, they become a cheaper alternative for people to purchase.

Gold carats are used to measure the purity of gold and 14 carats, 18 carats and 22 carats are the three most popular variation. An 18 carat white gold ring would cost you more, compared to a 9 carat white gold ring, simply because the former has more real gold in it. So, when it comes to pricing, you are free to choose the type of white gold which you can afford. But if you are adding a diamond to the ring, you will simply overlook these fine details about the base metal and concentrate on the diamond as little difference there would change the price greatly.

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