Princess Cut is a Viable Alternative to Costly Round Cut

Princess cut diamonds can compete with round brilliant cut diamonds for sparkle, fire, and brilliance but it is more of a square cut than round. This cut maximizes the sparkle of a diamond, much like the popular round cut diamond, and consequently, this stone dazzles as brightly as a round brilliant cut would ever do. The fire of the diamond is not lost, as is the case with an emerald cut or Asscher cut diamond. The rings made with princess cut diamonds are said to have ample fire, light and dazzle. This is due to the cut itself, a square cut with right angle cut at every corner.

The ring made with princess cut diamond on it would look spectacular in every sense and from every angle. The solitaire ring is beautiful enough by itself while pairing it with other diamond jewelry would be amazing. Jewelry is a form of art where the jeweler is the artist. It is under the goldsmiths and jewelers, dull and lifeless metals become everlasting symbols of art. Since art is something devoured by the soul, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say the ring would be a timeless piece of art.

Rings with princess cut, specifically, have always carried a different appeal from the other square cut diamonds. These rings are not overtly flashy but they carry the elegance properly. Whether you are working in office or partying with girls on weekend nights, the princess cut ring would never look out of place. It would mould with your personality and would become inseparable an entity, without overpowering your natural identity. Diamonds are like make-up, they accentuate the beauty and elegance you already have.

Even jewelers consider the princess cut to be a valued cut. Due to the shape of the diamond, any decent cutter could get two princess cut diamonds obtained from cutting one raw stone. When round brilliant is cut from the raw, almost 60% of the raw stone is wasted. However, when cutting a princess cut from a raw stone, by taking out two equal dimension princess cut stones from one source, the wastage is reduced to 10% to 20%, making an efficient use of 80% or 90% of the original stone. This is why princess cut diamonds cost less than round brilliant cut diamonds. When the fire, sparkle and beauty is no less than the round cut, why not go for the much more economical princess cut!

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