Oval Diamonds: Round’s Sparkle and Added Advantage

Several popular diamond shapes can be found easily from the diamond vendors and jewelers and oval shape is one of those shapes. The oval shape diamond, just like a round brilliant cut or any other popular cut, needs to be judged not only on their shape but also depending on other criteria, much like the famous 4C of diamond grading including carat, cut, clarity and color. There are other factors which are applicable for oval shape alone which help you to choose the good oval shaped diamond from a bunch of those and it is a good idea that you are accustomed with those traits.

Oval diamonds are similar to round brilliant cut diamonds in many ways and the main difference is the shape of the cut. They are oval while the round diamonds are round, as simple as that. The oval shaped diamonds are much newer in age compared to the round brilliant cut. This cut is around for only 5 decades or so and was introduced by the famous diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan.

Oval diamonds are generally as bright as the rough brilliant diamonds. The facets and their arrangements are similar in both these cuts. Both of these cuts reflect light very well and give the ideal sparkle to the stone, resulting in amazingly beautiful diamonds.

The oval diamonds can vary in shape, albeit slightly, and often come very close to the round cut. However, there are other cuts which are more elongated in shape. The minimum length to width ratio for an oval diamond is 1.25 while the allowed maximum ratio is almost 1.75.

While oval shape is almost similar to round brilliant diamonds in shape and attributes, there are some advantages of oval diamonds which can attract some buyers. For the basic difference, oval diamonds are rarer than round diamonds with the round diamond being the most common shape available. Thus, if the buyer is looking for a shape somewhat less common, oval shape would certainly appeal to her.  If you wish to use this diamond for your engagement ring, you can find oval diamonds of different shapes due to the varying ratio of length and width. That would surely be an advantage as you can match the diamond to the shape of the wearer’s finger easily. This unique advantage, when coupled with the sparkle of round brilliant cut diamond which the oval diamonds natively carry, makes it an ideal choice for many.

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