Buy Only GIA Certified Diamonds

You shall be confident in wearing an authentic gemstone or during the nervous moments of proposing to your beloved. You need to ensure that your diamond is GIA certified as that would tell you that the loose diamond in your pocket is authentic. A GIA certificate is issued after a thorough examination by a certified expert who examines the stone at Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the most widely known and accepted institute which conducts tests of precious stones and also issues certificates. The documents of GIA are accepted all around the world. However, for the diamond to be graded, it should be bigger than 1 carat size. The diamond grading system which it uses is also developed by the institute itself.

The GIA certificates tell you of those qualities which you cannot see with the naked eye. 10X magnification and zooming is used to find the blemishes and the inclusions in the stone. The quality and the authenticity of the stone is assured by this certificate. It also specifies the stone's actual price which helps you in getting a proper bargain for the stone. While most of us are inexperienced buyers when it comes to diamonds, this certificate helps us in objective comparison. This certificate would also help you in securing a fair price when reselling the stone, if you ever wish to resell it.
GIA certified diamonds mention the following information, along with the stamp pf approval that the diamond is original.
  • The date of assessment and the report number for the specific stone in GIA records.
  • Micro laser is used to inscribe the unique identification number of GIA and the LASER inscription registry on the stone.
  • Symmetry, cutting style and shape of the diamond are mentioned. Shape is the placement, alignment and exactness of shape. Symmetry is the structure of the diamond. While shape shows the cutting style of the diamond, cutting style specifies the arrangement of the facets. The measurement of the dimension is also mentioned. For the popular round shaped diamonds, minimum to maximum x depth is mentioned. For other fancy shapes like oval, marquise, pearl, heart, cushion, radiant, princess, asscher, emerald and others, the dimensions mention the ratio of the length, width and the depth. The cut of the diamond is also graded and it is rated between fair to excellent.
All these factors ensure that you get a diamond which you can be proud of.

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