Loose Diamonds Are Ideal for Creating Bespoke Jewelry

Nothing shines as brightly as diamonds. Any jewelry, made from diamonds, is bound to be an attention grabber. Whether you want to buy ready-made diamond jewelry or want to buy loose diamonds that you can use them as per your fancy, you should know, understand and use some pointers about diamonds and their value, before you invest a hefty amount into those stones. You can go through the reviews and ratings to know more about the seller and the diamond itself. This will ensure that you are not buying from a seller who has been less than reputable in his previous trading.

You need to know how exactly you propose to use the loose diamond before you pick it up.  You can easily use the stone in different types of jewelry, including ring, stone, bracelet, necklace and other fancy items. If you are planning to use the stone in a ring, you should find a stone to match the finger size of the wearer. While a big stone might look ugly on slim fingers, a tiny stone might get lost on thick fingers. Shape is another consideration. Round diamonds are great for a ring while square cut diamonds look better in necklaces. There are many fascinating diamond designs available to choose from. You can choose the perfect design which would help you to get the perfect design going.

There are many different shapes to choose from either. Often these shapes are called cuts and some of the most popular cuts are Round, cushion, radiant,  emerald, oval, baguette,  marquise, pear,  heart and princess. Heart shaped loose diamonds are very popular and a common choice for engagement rings while the pear shaped diamonds are often preferred for pendants. Emerald cut diamonds are rather popular when you wish to make a dress ring. The shape of the diamond must also go with your body shape and features so that the ornament enhances and beautifies your features and you become more beautiful for all to see.

The cost of the diamond depends on four factors, the four proverbial Cs of diamond industry. The 4Cs are carat, clarity, cut and color. The price of diamond generally jumps at an increase on one and half carats.  Higher clarity grade also indicates a flawless diamond which is free from inclusions and is costlier.  The color factor is relative but generally a perfectly colorless diamond is costlier. Finally, the cut quality depends on the jeweler and better grading leads to higher price.

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