The Dignified Cushion Cut Diamond

One of the oldest types of cut for diamonds is the cushion cut and this is why it is mostly found in antique jewelry shops. The cushion cut diamond is a perfect way to show your partner just how much she means to you since it is very exquisite and comes with a bit of history of past lovers. With the antique factor comes an also astonishingly beautiful sparkle. The history behind each stone is what makes it so popular.

Before acquiring a cushion cut diamond, it is good to know a bit of history of this cut. The first ever shape of cushion cut was the ‘old mine’ cut. Its peculiarity is that it has deep proportions and its irregularities are slight on the outline and sometimes on the facets’ arrangements indicating that these cuts were made by hand. This gives it a more dignified look while retaining a deep ancestral charm. Almost all  ‘old mine’ cut diamonds are more than 100 years old dating back to the 17th century and there’s a very good chance that when acquiring this particular type of stone, you are also acquiring one of the very first diamond source ever discovered which can be either India or Brazil. Now South Africa dominates the diamond market since the 1860s.Those looking for a unique diamond cut for their partner would fall in love with the cushion cut diamond.

The octahedron is the natural shape of a rough crystal of diamond and this shape fits in perfectly in the cushion cut shape giving it a rectangular or square outline and mild round corners. A very interesting quality of the cushion cut diamond is that each crystal has an individual cut maximizing their beauty which in contrast nowadays is done by machine mostly to retain the weight of the diamond as much as possible. The old day charm is lost in modern day laser cuts which are done by machines. The cushion cut diamonds were made to reflect light to the best of their ability and because the light sources of that era were natural lights, candle lights or gaslights, it creates an almost rainbow type of reflection. Once again we can’t help but compare this style to the modern cuts which are very different.

Investing in a cushion cut diamond is a big step and it carries a wealth of history. It is advisable to look for an antique jewelry specialist who would be able to advise you on the real worth of your future acquisition together with all its specs and provide you with a pool of information of different type of diamond cuts.

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