Princess Cut Diamonds Look Great And Cost Less

Princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond cut in the world today. It is only second to the eternally popular round brilliant cut. While we might love the intricate designs of diamonds of different fancy shapes and color, however, the women tend to love the simpler diamond shapes. While the most popular round shape is based on the circle, princess shape is based on a square shape.

Princess cut is a relatively newer cut. While older cuts have been used for over centuries, the princess cut was only invented in the 1960s. A Nagy, who was looking to create a cut which is more economical than the round brilliant cut, introduced it in London. The cut was designed to maintain the maximum amount of the original uncut stone and still reach the sparkle and brilliance of the round brilliant cut. This is why the cut is often called a modified square brilliant cut.

While imagining a diamond in our mind, we often imagine a shiny square diamond which, in reality, resembles the princess cut closely. While the number of facets can be different, the top or the crown of the diamond is square. This goes down like a pyramid to the bottom and thus, the stone often looks like an inverted pyramid. It combines different elements of other popular step cuts like the emerald cut. That is why princess is a hybrid cut.

It also shares some characteristics of the popular round brilliant cut. One of the reasons why the princess cut diamonds are popular nowadays is how sparkly they are. It sparkles as much as a round cut but the round cut diamond of same proportion and clarity would be much costlier. Princess cut also hides the natural impurities and the flaws of the diamond well so they are not visible to the naked eye.

Princes cut diamonds are used in all type of jewelry including stud earrings, diamond necklaces tennis bracelets but the most popular use of this diamond is in the engagement rings. The square cut of the stone makes it very suitable for the modern designs. With a high dazzling factor, this cut can make any jewelry look great.

While buying a princess cut diamond, please ensure that you are buying a certified diamond. Certified diamonds are assured by the GIA and protects you from any fraud. This certificate is also handy when you want to sell the stone.

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