Basic Ideas You Need About Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond ring can be confusing for many men. For one thing, most men can't care less about diamonds. Most men want to bring out a diamond engagement ring but they have no clue about what to look for. In this article, we will try to discuss some basic concepts when it comes to choosing the diamond ring for your girlfriend.

Unless your girlfriend has mentioned about a particular bias towards any special rings, buying a yellow gold diamond ring is the simplest choice and it is always in style as well. This is called a solitaire diamond ring. The gold metal will cost you somewhere around $200. if she wants a fancy ring, you can safely remove the diamond from the ring and use the same in another ring type. The gold can be reused as well and this way, you don't have to spend too much on the next ring.

Take a note of what she wears. Girls who love colorful clothes and have darker complexion prefer yellow gold ornaments. However, many girls prefer white gold rings. If she prefers black and white clothes mostly, she is definitely a white gold preferring girl.

The price of the diamond ring is going to hurt your account, no matter what you choose. You simply can't use a ¼ carat diamond as that would be too small for a solitaire. A 1.2 carat diamond is somewhat passable but won’t make a great impression. However, a ¾ carat to 1 carat diamond is a good bet for a diamond solitaire ring. When she shows off the ring to her girlfriends, they will be a little jealous of what she got from her man and they didn't. This will make her feel proud of the ring and you and make her confident of you as well.

You are smart, you can get a ¾ carat diamond somewhere between $1000 to $2000. A 1 carat diamond ring will cost you somewhere between $1500 to $3500. a clever ploy would be to find a lower grade diamond which isn't completely ugly. You have to weigh the 4Cs of any diamond, cut, clarity, color and carat weight, to judge the diamond. You can rely on the GIA issued grading report card for this, you can also trust certificates issued by IGI, IGL or EGL for this matter. These certificates will also come handy if in the unfortunate case, you need to sell the diamond.

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