When Buying, Always Insist for Certified Diamonds Only

When you are buying diamonds, you should do some enquiry about the quality of the diamond and generally, good diamonds come with some type of certificate. If you want a great diamond, you shouldn't buy any stone which catches your fancy but should look for an accompanying GIA certification as well.

What exactly is a GIA certified diamond and why are these diamonds more in demand than their counterparts without any type of certification. Let’s first know what GIA stands for and what they do.

GIA is the abbreviation for Gemological Institute of America and it certifies diamonds, based on their clarity, color of the stone, weight of the stone and of course the cut quality which is perhaps the most important factor. The 4C, as these qualities are generally called, help to assign a category to the diamond and also decide how valuable the diamond really is. This is not a single process, the diamond needs to undergo this testing under a few experts of diamond classification to ensure that each stone receives the fair classification and price tag.

The four Cs for certifying the diamonds starts with the inspection of the clarity of the stone. The clarity of the stone depends on the cut of the diamond as well as the size of the stone. The inspection also checks if the diamond has been treated to make it look better, including laser drilling procedure and fracture filling, so that the diamond becomes almost flawless.

When the color is judged, the environment is controlled so that the background or the light source doesn't have any effect on the judgement or make it erroneous. There is a generally mutually agreed upon consensus on the color rating of any diamond. Carat is then judged, which is simply the weight of the diamond and is not susceptible to external influences, generally.

Finally the cut of the diamond is judged. This is a judgement on the cutting process which the diamond has been subjected to. This is also to determine if the facet angles are done properly so that the diamond glows brightly. This is basically done for round cut stones and the grading any diamond can receive varies between D to Z. These certified diamonds are then registered and have a unique identification number assigned to them. If the owner wishes, the name of the owner can also be engraved on the back, generally using laser technology.

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