Princess Cut Diamond Rings Are Better Than Round Brilliant

Diamond cutting system evolved for 500 years before the modern princess cut was invented. Natural molecular structure of diamond is stressed upon heavily in this rather modern cut. That ensures the maximization of the dazzle and brilliance. This is often called ‘fire’ in the diamond cutting industry. The princess cut is a fiery cut, compared to many other traditional round cuts. This is why this new cut is getting admirers from every corner of the world.

If you can imagine two pyramids enjoined at the base, or an octagon or an eight sided polygon, then you can have an idea of the diamond as they are discovered in the real mines. This particular shape is formed due to the shape of the carbon molecules which form the diamond in the first place. When the technology for cutting a diamond was first invented, the jewelers decided to follow the natural pattern of the carbon molecules or, rather, the shape of the uncut diamond. Princess cut is the ultimate expression of a diamond cutter’s craftsmanship.

Princess cut was first demonstrated in the 1960s, by a Los Angeles based diamond cutter named Israel Berkowitz. Before this cut was invented, most of the diamonds were either round cut which means equal cuts around the stone with multiple facets or square cuts with four long facets with a flat crown. Crown is the name of the top of the diamond. There were other variations of these cuts available as well.

A princess cut diamond was created after the cutter studied diamonds for three years and made several efforts to come up with a combination which sums up the better features of both the cuts, square and the round.

Princess cut diamond is often called modified square brilliant cut, for the obvious reason. It is the second most popular diamond for engagement rings and other jewelry. There are the traditional white diamonds as well as the different color variations of the stone available in this cut, both loose and in preset jewelry.

Princess cut is rapidly gaining popularity as the fire is maximum in this cut but also because this cut wastes very little of the original uncut stone. As the most part of the diamond is retained, the stone has more weight after the cut. This brings down the price of a princess cut diamond rings considerably, and the stone is comparatively cheaper than the popular round brilliant cut diamonds.

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