GIA Certified Diamonds Mean Assured Quality and Price

GIA certified diamonds are often treated as industry benchmark. While they are not more valuable or attractive than the non-certified diamonds, they have been thoroughly inspected while the non-certified ones are not. GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America and is easily the most respected certifying body in the world.

GIA is a non-profit organization and an educational institute which has a mission of instilling integrity in the diamond industry. Every GIA certified diamond comes with a grading report which tells you way more than the basic 4Cs. However, 4C is clearly mentioned in every GIA report.

There are other advantages of purchasing GIA certified diamonds as well. When you are looking at different diamonds and their price tags, you can compare the 4Cs as mentioned on the GIA certificate and check the recommended price against the retailer’s pricing. If you want to replace a stone in any ring, it would be easier for you to find a stone of equal measurements and clarity, as you have the GIA certificate. If the ring is lost or stolen, a GIA certificate is greatly helpful for insurance purposes.

The characteristic of every GIA certified diamond is clearly mentioned on the grading report which comes with the diamond. Only thing is that the diamond needs to be bigger than 1 carat in size. However, for smaller diamonds, diamond dossier report comes along with the stone. These reports contain the following descriptions in details.

Diamond Characteristics of GIA certified diamonds are documented in the GIA Diamond Grading Report for diamonds over 1 carat in size and in the Diamond Dossier Report for those under 1 carat. The Diamond Grading Report indicates some of the following:

The dimension of the diamond is mentioned in millimeters. The measurement of a round brilliant diamond helps you to determine the symmetry of the stone. For other fancy shapes like marquise or pear, the overall length to width ratio is important for the stone to look beautiful and sparkle.

The weight of the diamond is given in carat. Many people mistake it as the size of the diamond. However, if a diamond is cut to be deep and narrow, it will look comparatively smaller than a diamond of the same size but cut wide and shallow.

The color of the stone is also graded. Colorless diamonds are the most preferred ones but there are other variants of colored diamonds as well.

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