Some Myths Around Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond ring is a major decision for most of the men. However, there are some myths around buying a diamond ring which needs to be debunked. Here we will try to list some of the most common myths and the realities regarding them.

  • A diamond ring costs 3 months' salary – This is often quoted as a fact. There is no rule on how much you must spend on a diamond ring. Thus, you can spend as much as you budget allows on a diamond ring.
  • Diamonds are always expensive – Not true. Not all diamond rings are expensive. There are some very beautiful diamond rings which are moderately priced yet will dazzle perfectly on finger of your beloved.
  • Engagement rings must follow a certain type to match perfectly - there is no right type or wrong type of engagement rings. You should buy a ring which befits your beloved and also matches her profession and personality while fits into your budget adequately.
  • Engagement rings are all alike in style – there are dozens of styles of engagement rings. You can choose from different metals, different diamond size and different settings and styles. there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a diamond ring. It all depends n your budget, taste and the preference of your fiancée.
  • Only jewellery stores sell diamond ringsdiamond engagement rings are available at different places and not only in jewellery stores. Not only you can find rings and loose diamonds at jewellers’ but also at antique shops, many online ecommerce portals and departmental stores.
  • Bigger diamond leads to better rings – It is not the size of the diamond which makes the ring beautiful there are so many different features to consider here. You should consider the colour, the clarity, the cut and the shape of the diamond before purchasing the stone. A smaller diamond engagement ring can also be very beautiful if it is set properly on the metal body.
  • Yellow gold is obsolete – While the gold was the only option in the past, there are many alternatives nowadays which include platinum and white gold. This has led to different variations but yellow gold is till the king when it comes to choosing the metal for the ring. A yellow gold engagement ring is still the choice of many women and the colour contrast works well in accentuating the natural sparkle of the diamond.

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