How to Choose Engagement Rings for Women

Choosing an engagement ring is a matter of heart, not brain, as most of the experts would tell you. However, brain is indeed involved in this process as a decision should always be logical while being emotional. 

If you are unsure about which engagement ring to choose for her, you might ask her to choose one for herself. However, where is the romance in that? No wonder that most men still prefer to choose one ring, create an atmosphere and then drop the most important question of his life. 

That being said, pay attention to the following points and you will easily choose a ring which not only appeals to her but matches her personality and lifestyle, at the same time, conveys your love for her.

  • Check her existing choice of jewellery. Some women love expensive and intricate jewellery which they wear mostly for parties and gatherings while some other things she might wear every day. Ignore the party wear and check her daily jewellery. Try to buy her a ring which goes according to the daily wear. Look for the design she prefers and the metal she loves. For example, if she is comfortable in wearing yellow gold traditional rings, a classic gold engagement rings for women will be cherished by her.

  • Buying her a loose diamond can also be considered. Some men prefer this over a ring. Once the diamond is selected, she can decide what type of ring and setting she prefers and order a ring like that together. This method works best if you are confused about her choice of jewellery.

  • Her lifestyle and work environment should also be considered. A bezel set diamond ring might be ideal if she does a lot of physical work as other settings methods might get chipped or dented during her daily heavy work. She will be wearing this ring every day for the rest of her life so this is an important factor. If she is a teacher, for say, then a normal prong setting ring will do just fine for her.

One of the best ways to select the ring would be to go online as no salesman will push you there, for a particular ring. Online jewellers sell all the variety of precious metals and gemstones which you can get in a physical store. Moreover, it is easier to compare prices and strike a good bargain online.

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