Most Popular Diamonds – Round brilliant Cut

Round brilliant cut diamonds are often the first choice when searching for diamond engagement rings. Their wide usage possibility makes them appealing for the brides. Round brilliant style diamonds have a round shape with many facets which increases the brilliance of the stone, in wedding rings.

The cut was first developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. The cut has 58 facets so the light can fall on the diamond from any angle yet it would look shining. Nowadays, the round brilliant cut is the primary choice for engagement rings. These diamonds are also heavily used for stud earrings and pendant necklaces. However, the modern round cut is different from the original round cut of Tolkowsky. While the cullet, the flat bottom surface of the diamond, is prominent in the original cut, nowadays it is made rather small and in some cases, is done away with. The table, the top flat surface of the diamond, is made larger nowadays as well, compared to the original round cut.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular cut or style in the diamond market. When you are planning to purchase this particular cut, she should be aware of some basic yet important facts about the cut. A bigger table always makes the diamond look bigger, a fact which the local jeweller might not be willing to tell you. However, the size of a diamond is determined by the diameter of the diamond and not the flat table size of the stone. Many jewellers tell you that larger carat size of a diamond leads to greater value of the stone. Round cut diamonds which do not follow the ideal cut range will surely have a lower diameter and thus the value of the diamond will be less than the diamonds with ideal cut.

Many users believe that the round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile diamonds as they fit into almost every jewellery easily. However, a thumb’s rule would be that the round cut diamonds are generally the most expensive diamonds. This is because a large portion of the original stone is cut off to get it to the ideal round shape. Most of the experienced diamond cutters would cut the diamond as round as possible while retaining as much of the original stone as possible. Fancy and step cut diamonds don't suffer from this problem as it is easy to maintain most of the stone in these cuts.

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