Know Why You Can Consider White Gold Engagement Rings

Engagement nearing soon and you are still searching for the best engagement ring? Well if such is your condition, and you are confused about the ring metal, and whether white gold is a better option than platinum, then it’s time you gather a little knowledge about the different options you have. This will make you more confident while you talk to the sales representative at some jewelry shop, or buy your engagement ring online.

Facts about white gold you must know as you decide

If you are considering white gold engagement rings, there are a few facts about white gold which you should know. This will help you understand the make of the ring better.

White gold is an alloy of gold

The other metals used with gold in the alloy are manganese, nickel, palladium, zinc or silver

White gold is measured of purity in karat

The amount of gold used with the other metals determines the karat, and this can vary as per the make

To bring the clean white shine and finish white gold is coated with Rhodium

When the coating wears off with daily use the white gold may turn yellowish or lose its super white color and this is the demand you understand that it needs another coating

As you explore through the features of white gold, you would understand that using white gold is just like using yellow gold, and the only difference is that, with time the yellow gold loses its shine and luster and needs re-polishing, and white gold needs re-plating with rhodium.

Why white gold is a good choice for engagement rings

If you are looking for a replacement of platinum, which is more expensive, then white gold is a perfect option. The alloy is hardy, and would be durable for a long time. Eventually it will lose its shine and white luster unlike platinum, but a recoating of rhodium will put it back to the new state again as often as you want. The recoating can be done at an affordable price.


White gold engagement rings can come with a diamond, or just as a band, or with some other gemstone like a ruby or emerald. White gold can also be used in combination with yellow gold to give the ring a mix and fused look. Styling is gorgeous with white gold engagement rings and you can always choose it as a precious metal which is affordable.

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