It’s All In The Shape Of An Eternity Wedding Band Which Makes It So Special

The specialty of eternity wedding bands is in the design and looks. The round line of light which encircles the band and finger of the wearer is what makes the band so special. That is why these bands are also called the symbol of love, and are most used in engagements and weddings, where the man wants to show the woman how much she is loved. If you also want to make your wedding or engagement ring special then you should go for an eternity wedding band.

What makes an ordinary band an eternity band?

The make, metal, gemstone etc. matter in the eternity band at the last. What matters is the design and style. The main reason why you call it an eternity band is for the design. It’s the design of the rings and nothing else. The band which is absolutely rounded without many extensions and generally without any big center stone makes an eternity band. Normally a row of glittery gems are fitted on the band throughout across the circumference. This makes the band glitter in every direction, and way. The way the stones are fitted in definitely varies, and as the girth or width of the band varies the stones also vary. Bigger, medium or smaller stones are fitted in one, two or more rows, and the micro pave bands are just another style of the eternity bands.

Stones on an eternity band

The price and value of the eternity band increases with the stone fittings. If the band comes with some other stone fittings like sapphire or emerald etc., then the price would definitely be lower. But to increase the sparkle, often diamonds are chosen in case of an eternity wedding band. Diamonds make it special, and give it that aura of light, and the brilliance, which makes it a perfect wear on the wedding.  If you are sure that you want something special for the wedding not just by the eternal shape, but also with an eternal ray of love, hope and brilliance, then the diamond fitted eternity wedding band will be just perfect.

If you are still unsure, try surfing the internet to get a very good idea of various colors, and makes of the eternity bands. You can get eternity bands in yellow gold or white gold too instead of platinum, which makes it easy on the pocket. Gold is a great option on precious metals, and white gold is actually a platinum lookalike with perfect rhodium plating, thus giving you complete satisfaction over colors in case you are a platinum fan.

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