Give Her An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut engagement rings are loved by would be brides who don't want to go for the traditional styles. These rings bring the much sought after effect for the wearer. Without burning a hole in your pocket, this elegant diamond cut brings a great style quotient.

An emerald cut diamond is cut in the shape which was traditionally invented and used for cutting emeralds. Emerald is a fairly hard stone and they generally have a large number of natural imperfections or flaws. This is why emeralds tend to break often and thus, cutting emeralds is often a challenge. This is why a rectangular cut with cropped corners became popular for cutting emeralds. Looking at the popularity of this cut, however, soon the jewellers imported the cut for diamonds.

Emerald cut engagement rings flashes the light more brightly than the round cut diamond stones. The longer lines around the crown of the diamond makes it a very elegant cut of diamond and makes it eligible for use on different settings. This rings graceful on long and tapered fingers.

You will pay less for an emerald cut diamond than a round cut diamond but this is not due to lesser quality or smaller size. The price of these rings are less because they are not as popular. Moreover, in round cuts, a lot of the whole stone is removed to give it a round shape but in emerald cut most part of the original stone can be utilised. This leads to less wastage and less price of the stone. In fact, an emerald cut diamond is at least a thousand dollar less than a round cut stone of same weight and grading.

However, you can not completely ignore the quality factor for emerald cut diamonds. As this is an open cut, any flaw in the stone will be more visible. You should go for a stone with at least a colour rating of G and clarity factor of VS2. A traditional emerald cut diamond will have a 3:2 ratio of length and width. However, this is not fixed and you can choose a more square stone as well.

Emerald cut stones are supported by 4 prongs and look best when used with smaller accent stones. However, using them for solitaire rings is not an uncommon practice. As they cost less, you can go for a larger diamond, without spending too much for it.

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