Choose A Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Bands For Women

Bezel set is one of the most popular diamonds rings which is used as wedding bands. they are rather popular as men’s engagement rings as well. choosing this important jewellery of your life needs attention and takes time.

A prominent feature of bezel set rings is how the stone is set up on the ring. Unlike other settings of attaching a gemstone to a precious metal, the stone is virtually enclosed inside the metal in bezel setting.

This is a secure setting which is ideal for active couples or who doesn't require to take the rings off often. Think of playing volleyball and then realising that the stone has fallen off. You would hardly find the stone again.

This is a time tested method of setting a stone on the metal. basically, the stone is set deep within the metal body and then the metal is stretched over the top edges of the metal, holding it securely in its place.

Some people think that the diamond doesn't dazzle properly in this setting. however, in reality, the diamond sparkles as ample light enters the stone from the top and the metal setting doesn't obstruct the natural brilliance of the stone. 

However, this method leaves a more pronounced mark on the ring. The security it provides compensates for the decrease of brilliance. A crafty jeweller will make an optimum collaboration of security and beauty of the stone.

Partial bezel set is also quite popular and provides a great opportunity to show off the natural beauty and the shine of a diamond or other gemstones. however, it is important to ensure that the partial setting is strong enough to hold the stone is the slot, even during rigorous daily physical activities.

Another important advantage of bezel set diamond wedding bands for women is that the collar around the diamond prevents gathering of dirt, dust and grease around the stone. This way, the stone can remain clean and shiny.

One might have the idea that this design creates very simple rings but that is not true. There are several different designs to choose from and in fact, bezel setting, itself, can vary to give you a beautifully designed ring.

While choosing a wedding band with precious stone, many couples prefer this design, especially those who do physical work or lead a very active lifestyle, due to the strength durability and security this setting provides.

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