Why Choose A Radiant Cut For Brilliance And Shape

If you are trying to figure out the best reasons to get a radiant cut diamond, then let’s look at some nice facts, which will highlight the specialty of its shape. You may be recommended by a friend or dear one to buy a radiant cut when you were researching diamonds. The reason why this cut is so special is that this is the perfect brilliant cut after the princess cut, and hence has an important placement in the brilliant cut diamonds.

Bridging the gap

The princess cut is perfectly square or rectangle shaped with the four right angled corners which are held by prongs when it’s set on the ring. The cushion cut is also a square, but with rounded edges, thus giving a rounded square look. And quite interestingly this radiant cut is cropped at the four corners slightly to give a cropped corners square look. This one is just the bridge between the gap of the princess cut and the cushion cut. But when it comes to brilliance, it can be compared with a round cut, as because its shape is made while retaining its brilliance.

You won’t notice the difference

This is quite funny and interesting fact about the radiant cut. When the radiant cut is set on a ring or jewelry, then the prongs cover the four cropped corners, and therefore the difference between a studded radiant cut and princess cut can hardly be made. Both have their corners covered with prongs while set and both looks identical. Brilliance also is the same in both, and therefore the only way to know a radiant cut is when you look at it loose or with special keen eyes.

The rectangular radiant cut

Radiant cuts are available in perfect squares, and also in rectangles. The perfect squares are good for solitaire and the rectangles look slender. The rectangular radiant cut stones are preferred by the emerald cut lovers who need something with the shape and cut of emerald, and with the brilliance of a round cut. That is why the rectangular radiant cut diamond has high demands for men’s solitaire rings.

Quite surprisingly the warmer colored radiant cuts like within the band of G-H are also in well demand than the D-F banded colorless stones. This shows, that the choice of radiant cut lovers are little different and quite rich for the shape and color when they buy a rectangle shaped warm colored stone.


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