The Charm of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The princess cut for diamonds came into existence only in the 1960s, making it one of the newer cuts for diamonds. However, this is also one of the most popular cuts nowadays, especially for engagement rings. What makes it so popular?

The sparkle of princess cut diamond will appeal to all with a romantic heart. The cut makes the diamond look rectangular, sometimes square. However, princess cut is actually an inverted pyramid cut with 4 beveled sides. The unique cutting style of princess cut diamonds creates reflections in the shape of chevron, in the pavilion. Thus, the look of a princess cut diamond is often cross-shaped. 

Princess cut makes the diamond look elegant while adding extra sparkle to it, a shine which is pretty unique to this particular cut. However, not only the shine or the look but the name itself, princess cut, creates the appeal for this type of diamond. Wearing a princess cut engagement rings makes any woman really feel like a princess so proudly wearing a special diamond.

Imagine yourself, sitting in a green meadow, wearing a gown while the man of your dream, the prince charming in shining armor, riding towards you. Then he gets down, goes on one knee, takes out the beautiful little blue velvet box, opens the box and you can see a dazzling ring, the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. It is a princess cut diamond ring, with the central diamond surrounded by multiple smaller ones. The diamond glitters from every angle. Then the young prince asks you the most coveted question of your life, “Will you marry me”? Can the answer be no!

Even if, in your case, the situation is not as dramatic or vivid like this one, a princess cut diamond never fails to emulate such feelings. Place this beautiful stone on an equally beautiful ring and see the appeal multiply. You can place the diamond on an inherited ring as well, the diamond will be equally befitting.

However, the romantic side is not everything. One must know how to choose a certified diamond. GIA certified diamonds are most widely accepted. You should buy from a reputed seller to ensure that you are not the victim of a fraud. Insist on the GIA certification as that would not only ensure that the diamond is obtained from a legal source but also would help you determine the true value of the stone.

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