Marquise Cut Diamonds Go Great With Long Hands

Among all the fancy shaped diamonds, marquise cut diamond is rather popular, if not the most popular. This is a very old cut which is still into existence and this is one of the most aristocratic cuts which still survive from the late 1700s. In fact, marquise cut diamond rings were and are extensively used as engagement rings. Due to their cut, this diamond shape makes the hand look long and slender. The ideal length to width ratio of a marquise cut is 2 but it varies from 1.75 to 2.10. The modern pear shaped cut is based on this cut and thus, it is often called the “modern marquise”.  These diamonds can be set into many different types of rings, including the famous halo setting, where small diamonds surround the central stone. 

Marquise cut doesn’t particularly specify how the diamond should be cut. Thus, the cut depends heavily on the personal preferences, the shape and the size of the stone. These diamonds are often sold to be used in engagement rings and wedding rings. Because of the unique shape, this stone often gathers admiration and attraction. 

Choosing diamond engagement rings is not easy as you need to take a lot into consideration. First of all, what is the shape of your hand and how would a particular cut look on your fingers? While a woman with a small hand might prefer a traditional round cut or a princess cut, a woman with longer and slender hands would be delighted to wear a marquise cut diamond. The mounting of a diamond also plays an important role here a heavy and more elaborate setting wouldn’t look so graceful on a small hand, compared to a longer hand. Each type of hands is best accompanied by a particular cut of the diamond.

The marquise cut is great for rings because of its slender cut and striking features. The longish cut accentuates the weight of the stone while the tapered ends make it look great on long slender fingers. For the same reason, marquise cut diamonds also look great in pendants and drop earrings. It can often be the central stone, surrounded by many smaller diamonds.

When you choose a marquise cut diamond, please pay more attention to the overall color and clarity of the stone as this cut reveals the whole of the stone, making it very difficult to hide any flaw in the stone.

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