Basic Care for Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s wedding bands need periodical cleaning, especially for them who do outdoor physical work. In these cases, soil and other dirt gather on the ring, diminishing the look of the ring before damaging it permanently. It is important to remove things which can erode softer metal and tarnish the remaining material of the ring. Jewelers can actually clean the rings and do minor repairing like re-plating the eroded gold or platinum or redo the setting of the stone on the ring. Polishing the men’s wedding bands removes minor flaws and tarnishes.

Most men can perform basic cleaning like polishing of the wedding band without calling for a jeweler. One can mix liquid soap with warm water and put the ring in that solution. After a few minutes, just rinse the ring and let it dry on its own. Then, wipe the ring with a soft cloth and it is ready to go. However, if this does not do the trick, one should contact the jeweler who can perform more professional cleaning of the ring. 

Checking the Settings

With time, the prongs which hold the stone of the wedding ring in place get eroded. The stone might just fall away from the ring in this case. One should ask the jeweler to check the setting of the prongs which holds the stone in place. An experienced jeweler can easily do these works.  Irrespective of the type of work you do, the stone would be pretty safe on the ring. However, if the ring is well worn, there might be need of additional repairing. 


The metal which constitutes the body of the stone is important as some metals erode faster than others. Polishing the ring periodically is also dependent on the metal as some metal gathers dirt quicker than others. Softer metals like gold will be more eroded while silver would gather dirt quickly. Most of these imperfections can be removed either by polishing or by doing minor repair work. However if you are in a profession where the ring is constantly attacked by natural elements, it would be a better idea to choose a hard metal. Titanium and tungsten carbide rings handle wear and tear much better than gold. 

One should ideally take care of the diamond ring before it is too late because more than the financial value of the ring, it is the emotional value which matters more.

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