Why Buy The Cushion Cut Engagement Rings As The Best Gift For Your Partner

When you are choosing from the varieties of engagement rings, you would be astounded happy, and sometimes irritated to know that choices are actually many. For every kind of personality there are diamond types, and a cushion cut is for sophistication. That’s true; the cushion cut engagement rings are great for clarity and fashion, and they represent a look which is posh, high class and choosy. It’s for the stylized and vintage looks of this cut of rings, that they are preferred so much for engagement purpose. The beloved would love to feel the pride of presenting the fiancé a cushion cut diamond embedded on a stylish platinum or white gold ring.

Why cushion cut diamonds are so popular for engagement rings

History tells that cushion cut diamonds have always been very popular, and there is enough reason for that. Once when there was no advanced technology to cut diamonds round and the way or shape man wants today, the cushion cut was the best possible shape which could be given to diamonds for aristocratic use. The size and shape varies but it has always been a rectangular or square shape, and the corners have been made rounded. This cushion shape or pillow shape is the beauty of the cushion cut diamonds, which were once hand crafted in candle light only in ancient times, and now in the light of modernization also, the diamonds still keep their glory for the cut and shape imparted. Gifting cushion cut engagement rings to the beloved signifies that you had planned well with aristocracy and care for the partner, and thus is a nice way to show how you always cared, and will.

The confusing yet interesting job of buying an engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring isn’t easy. Not only do you have to swim through the several parameters of the diamond to find the perfect piece, but also have to choose between the too many available styles and mounts, and the finish of the metal. The choice of metals is also too many, starting from platinum to gold and white gold, rose etc. But now there is a great way to complete your homework much before you buy the ring. You can search for the perfect cut, weight and quality of diamond online, and see the available metal options and finishes. You may choose ring designs, get inspired by other designs, and if you need an overnight instant delivery, then the same can also be arranged by some suppliers, thus making the online research and shopping both, of the engagement rings easier than ever.

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