Princess Cut Engagement Rings Offer A Sophisticated Economical Way Of Buying Diamond

The square cut diamonds which sits proudly on top of the band as the center stone makes the princess cut engagement rings. Many novices come up with the question that what is so special with the princess cut diamond. Well the answer is in the special cut. Did you ever see how especially the diamond is given shape? It’s planned to make it look big, and impart brilliance, and is quite a punch in the face of the conventional round cut. The square shape has a personality of its own, and embarks smartness and sophistication with a vintage look.

Lower value compared to carat size

A great advantage of the princess cut is that, you get the same carat of diamond at a lesser price with the princess cut compared to the round cut. This is mainly for the manufacturing process. The princess cut diamond is sculpted out such that not much diamond is wasted in the process. As a result, you can get two stones from one raw diamond. However for making a round cut diamond much of the stone gets wasted in the sculpting. For this reason the princess cut is an economical diamond, which gives you the same value diamond at a lower cost.

When you are going to buy an engagement ring with a princess cut diamond, you may get one with only the center stone, or one which has no center stone. Whatever you choose, you would see the center stone to show it’s brilliance in the most sophisticated way, which is the characteristic of a princess cut diamond. Investment on a princess cut stone is a smart decision, because you get more for the price.

How to get started

If you are not sure about where to get started, you can try exploring the princess cut diamonds online to get a basic idea. Engagement rings can be made with gold or platinum. Platinum is best suited with diamonds, however you can also pick gold. Both yellow and white gold serves well for engagement rings, and white gold actually gives the look of platinum only with the whitish rhodium plating. That is why choosing princess cut engagement rings on white gold is a nice way to make the ring budget friendly.

Whatever ring you get, never forget to go through the GIA certificate checking. Always make sure that you are buying a real diamond, so that you are always proud of your choice, and cut.

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