Things To Remember While Choosing A Diamond

Diamond is the one thing that every woman loves to wear as a part of their jewelry collection. It’s a mark of high lifestyle. A woman feels very happy and top of the world when she gets a diamond in her jewel box. This is also one reason why people choose diamond wedding bands for women. But one should always be aware of certain things before selecting a perfect diamond ring that can best enhance your personality, beauty and appearance.

Points to remember when choosing a diamond:

•    The shape: Diamond comes in various shapes like Round diamond, Princess diamond, cushion diamond, Radiant diamond, Asscher diamond, Emerald diamond, Marquise, oval and pear shaped diamond. Every shape has a distinct aesthetic. Therefore, consider the personality and taste of the person who is going to wear the ring. Round diamond is more popular than others.

•    The size and quality: The size and Quality of the diamond are the two major factors to be considered while choosing a gem. Have a clear picture about your budget and then evaluate the various sizes that can be accommodated within your budget. Also, think about the carat, cut, color and clarity. It is always better to have balance between the size and quality.

•    Check the grading certificate: Always get clear details about the grading certificate of the gem while buying it.

•    Be clear about the metal to be used: It is very important to take in account the metal that you are going to use in the making of an ornament. Platinum is a wonderful choice that can be paired with the fancy cut diamonds. They are excellent as diamond wedding bands for women.

•    Type of jewel: While selecting a gem, you have to think about where you want to place the precious stone whether in a ring or pendant or earrings. For pendants and bands, you can opt for pear and heart shaped stones. They create a lovely engagement ring for women. For earrings you can go for princess cut diamonds. So based on where you wear the stones, you can decide the perfect one. Be very clear and precise about your preferences.

•    Consider the fashion: Fashion is what women love to follow. So, check about the trendy fashions that are popular.

Based on the desire choose the perfect one for you or for your loved one to add value and exquisiteness.

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