The Specialty Of Heart Shaped Loose Diamonds

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and it is also the closest to her heart. However, not all can afford to buy a diamond ring. While purchasing a diamond it is also important to know which is real and which is fake. For those who are on a budget, one of the best and most affordable means of purchasing diamonds is by purchasing loose diamonds. The big plus of buying it is, it comes in bulk and is cheaper and you can find the diamond in just any size and shape you desire. Most importantly, prior to investing in loose diamonds you should be aware of its 4 vital properties, namely diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut and carat weight. While purchasing diamond jewelry consider its fitting. After all the fitting must suit the jewelry application such as a solitaire will look just apt for a diamond ring yet will not look prominent on a necklace.

Loose diamonds are accessible in different sizes and shapes right from cushion, emerald, radiant, oval and round. Although  these are just basic cuts a diamond can be found in fancy cuts such as pear cut, princess and heart shaped. Of these heart shaped loose diamonds are the maximum in demand. While purchasing these diamonds always ensure to get a grading certificate from a dealer as this will provide you with an idea regarding its cut, clarity, color and weight. 

Heart shaped loose diamonds are the most romantic. In fact, it is the epitome of romance. It is akin to the pear shape yet has a cleft within the rounded end which forms the heart lobes. The heart shape diamond is so beautiful that the majority of the people is selecting it for engagement or anniversary rings. It is an excellent cut that typically comprises of 59 facets which can also be modified. Most heart shaped diamonds are bought as single diamonds commonly used for rings and solitaire necklaces. These diamonds are also in great demand during Valentines Day.

Just purchasing, it will not solve the purpose. To maintain its sheen and original look wash it with a mild detergent, rub the diamond with an eyebrow brush and finally rinse it well. It will work wonders in bringing back its glitter. While purchasing loose diamonds ensure that the same is accompanied via a certificate. Once you are very clear with every essential detail related to purchasing loose diamonds that are heart shaped the process will be fun and your investment worth it.

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