Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The round brilliant cut diamond has been the most popular diamond shape among consumers for centuries now and is the crowned queen among all other diamond shapes. Many people love the round brilliant cut diamond because it gives the brightest sparkle from within.

What makes it brilliant?

A diamond with the perfect proportions is chosen for the round (brilliant) cut, because if the proportions are not correct the light will not refract properly and the diamond will appear dull. The diamond is then cut with perfect symmetry, so that the light is reflected equally from all the facets within.

Its popularity

Round brilliant cut diamond is also considered as a traditional diamond cut. It is valued as being timeless, classy and hence people believe it is a great choice for auspicious occasions like engagements, matrimony, anniversaries and other celebrations of life. The modern designers now create many creative and unique pieces with a round cut diamond as the center piece in stunning styles that are in line with present trends and styles.

Tips for choosing your round brilliant cut diamond

Make your budget and garner an idea about what you are looking for in your diamond. Give consideration to features like size, color, clarity carat weight etc.

Consider your tastes and decide if you are looking for a simple and elegant piece or something more trendy and fashionable.

Choose a jeweler who will be able to assist you in finding the perfect diamond ornament for you and answer all your questions and provide valuable insights in choosing your diamonds.

Search for diamonds that have the highest cut grades so that you are able to choose a diamond that has the best proportions and gives out the most brilliant shine.

Colorless diamonds are of the highest quality but rare and expensive. Colored diamonds have a mild tint of color which in a good quality diamond is not visible to the naked eye.

Diamonds may have a fluorescent property, meaning that they may give out a blue or yellow light under UV lights. Test your diamond to find its fluorescent glow and see if it adds to its beauty or diminishes it.

Flawless diamonds offer better clarity and brilliance but are rarer and more expensive. For an economic budget choose a round cut diamond that has few inclusions that may not be seen through the naked eye.

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