Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The engagement is a very special occasion filled with love, excitement and a galore of celebration. The engagement may be the perquisite for one of the most important days of your life—your wedding day! But this shouldn’t undermine the importance the occasion of the engagement in itself holds. It is the auspicious occasion when two people choose to announce their commitment to one another and receive the blessings of all their loved ones.

So the preparations for the engagement ceremony, has its own significance and marked importance. It is the time for choosing the right day, time and place. It is the time for making the budget, sending out invitations and organizing the halls, food and refreshments. But more than anything else, it is the time for the biggest selection of them all—the engagement rings.

A diamond is forever
Diamonds have been considered as the most powerful expression of love for a really long time now. It has been a long standing tradition to give the woman or man you love, a diamond ring as the engagement ring. It is not a trend that is particular to one part of the world but is prevalent all over the planet. Its wide spread glory is because of all that it symbolizes. A diamond is a symbol of everlasting love, affection and the union of two souls. In some countries it is even considered as a good luck charm that brings prosperity, wards off evil and offers good health.

Round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring
A diamond is also seen as a symbol of luxury, wealth and richness, but there are other reasons why they are a girl’s best friend too. All that bling makes them feel pretty, beautiful and glamorous and they flaunt them with immense pride and style. It really does make one feel like nothing could add more allure than a diamond engagement ring.

The most timeless ring is the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. It is considered very feminine and classy and gives off a very traditional appeal. It is simple and elegant but is also available in fancy shapes with a mix of different diamond shapes and sizes or with just a single brilliant diamond. The round cut diamond gives off the most radiant sparkle than any other shape and perhaps the reason why it is never out of style.

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