Princess Cut Diamonds: All You Need To Know About The Classy Stone!

A princess cut diamond, as the name suggests looks as mesmerizing as the aura of a princess. If you want to make your lady love feel special, these rings are an excellent choice. After the round brilliant cut, the princess cut diamond is the most preferred choice for wedding bands. What makes the princess cut so special?

Well, a princess cut diamond stands several notches above for its brilliance, shine and beauty. The four corners of the princess cut make it look beautiful. Such is its charm that it looks good on all types of metal. So, whether you like the shine of gold or prefer the dull charm of rose gold, the princess cut diamond will go well on both options to give you a beautiful wedding ring.

In fact, even platinum rings look beautiful with the pretty princess cut diamonds. The princess cut diamond has its origin in France. Over the period of time, the brilliant cut underwent several modifications to present what is simply stunning as a wedding band.

The princess cut diamond has 49 different facets, each that lends a unique brilliance to the stone. Often the cut on the stone gives it a unique crushed ice appearance that is truly mesmerizing.

When you are buying princess cut diamonds, insist on making the purchase from a certified retailer. The certification is a mark of purity. It specifies the cut and clarity of the diamond and authenticates the value. 

The princess cut diamonds are going to be expensive and rightly so because of the detailing that goes into carving the perfect cut. Accordingly, if you are aiming for the princess cut, ensure that you have a good budget limit.

Princess cut diamonds are slightly bigger and accommodating them in 24 carat gold is not possible. However, you have to ensure that the quality of the metal that you choose is able to support the weight of the stone.

Additionally, the design of the ring that is going to accommodate the princess cut has to be slightly thick, once again to support the stone. There are various options when it comes to choosing princess cut diamonds for engagement rings.

Some of these options are colorful as well. While the original charm of the diamond lies in its pristine white color, even the other options are not so bad. Give it a shot and you never know, you may end up with a master piece.

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