Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds: What You Should Know Before You Buy?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, even if you have grown up on that song, trust me buying a diamond is not easy. There is a lot of detailing that goes into identifying the right stone and this effort is over and above the time that you would be investing in exploring the interest of your lady love to figure out what would be the best option to literally win her heart.

Pear shaped loose diamonds are a popular choice for the ladies. Often referred to as the tear drop diamonds, these stones speak volumes about the sophistication and class associated to the very idea of a diamond ring.

However, the key lies in being able to identify good pear shaped loose diamonds and then of course getting them in the right frame for a stunning diamond ring. Now, that we have alerted you about the importance of pear shaped loose diamonds, the obvious question in your mind would be how to choose one.

So, here we present a crisp and easy guide to help you identify pear shaped loose diamonds and get the right ring for your lady love:

A diamond without certification is of no use. Yes! The first thing to remember when choosing a pear shaped diamond is to ask for certification. Most jewelers will be happy to give you one. But, if you find a smart jeweler dodging the discussion, take the hint and DON’T BUY from them.

Identify the shape. Don’t randomly pick diamonds. Know the shape that you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a pear shaped diamond, take time to do some internet research and accordingly learn to identify one.

Check the carat value. The certificate specifies the cut, clarity and carat value. This is the reason why you must demand the certificate. A diamond with higher clarity will be expensive. But then you need to understand that when you are working towards identifying a diamond for your ring, there is a restriction on the highest carat value that you can select.

Finally buy your precious stone only from an authorized dealer. A diamond is not cheap, irrespective of the shape and buying it from just anybody runs the risk of you ending up with a fake stone. This would mean complete wastage of your investment. Don’t let this happen!

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