Different Types of Diamond Cuts Available For Women

Diamonds are the best friends of women. They love to wear and keep them in their jewel box as a mark prestige and pride. In olden days, diamonds were available in only round shapes but nowadays due to the development in the modern technology, they are also available in various cuts and shapes. Therefore, one should know that there are many types of diamond cuts available for various purposes.

Types of diamond cuts:


Basically, there are five kinds of diamond cuts that give path for creating different kind of shapes. They are as follows:
  • Round Brilliant Diamond Cut: This cut increases the ability of the gem to reflect light back to the onlooker. It is a stronger and more durable cut when compared with other cuts. It has the highest resale value.
  • Modified brilliant diamond cut: This cut is used to craft fancy shapes. Pear, heart, oval and marquise cut diamond are some shapes crafted with the help of this cut. This type aids in creating distinct shapes without forfeiting too much of shine and sparkle. Pear, oval and marquise cut diamond are very good choice to make your finger appear long and slim because of their extended look.
  • Step Diamond cut: This is also famous as trap cut. This helps to make fancy square or rectangular shapes. This cut was formed to increase the carat size of a stone and to maintain the actual weight of the stone. Asscher, emerald, baguette, kite, trapeze, obus and lozenge are some shapes that are created with this cut. This is a very good option for people who wish to have high carat weight diamond at a reasonable price.
  • Mixed Diamond Cuts: It is a blend of both step diamond cut and the altered brilliant round cut. This type of cut helps to get the similar brilliance and fire of a round cut while maintaining the real weight of the gem. Princes, barion, radiant, square and rectangular are some shapes that are formed with the help of this cut.
  • Old World Diamond Cuts: This is a technique which was used to shape diamonds before the development of the round cut. It comprises of the European cut, the old minor cut and the rose cut.  These are somewhat antique and are visible in modern ornaments.

Therefore, consider all these diamond cuts before buying any diamond. All these cuts maximize or minimize certain quality and size of the diamond. 

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