All You Need To Know About Diamonds

Basically a diamond is carbon made crystal. Atoms in a crystal of diamond are arranged in an isometric, or cubic, matrix. Diamonds are very hard, non-brittle, chip free and are resistant to heat and chemicals. Diamonds are formed over billions of years after exposure to intense heat and pressure.

Form the 19th century the popularity of diamonds have increased drastically. This is because of the improved cutting and polishing techniques. Diamonds are judged by the “four Cs” which are carat weight, clarity, color, and cut.While buying a diamond the “four Cs” are to be kept in mind.

Significance of “four Cs” in Diamonds:

•    Cut: The cut of the diamond determines the ability to reflect and refract light.

•    Color: Most diamonds naturally shows slight hints of yellow, brown, or gray. More the colorless the diamond color is the rarer it is.  The diamonds with less color allows more light to pass, and releases more brilliance and fire. Grade D is the most expensive and rare diamond. It is absolutely colorless piece of diamond.

•    Clarity: It means how clean or clear the diamond is with respect to natural microscopic characteristics. FL quality grade is the flawless quality of diamond which is extremely precious and rare.

•    Carat:  It is a unique unit of weight measurement.  It is not to be confused with the size of a diamond.

Certification of Diamonds:
•    Whenever you are buying a diamond, they should be certified diamonds.

•    As such there is no physical difference between a certified and non-certified diamonds.

•    The certified diamonds have expert opinion on the quality of the diamond. This also means legal assurance of the diamond which you buy. This certificate is provided by an accredited gem lab. This certificate ensures that the diamond possess all the qualities specified by that report. Also, the certificate report adds value to the diamond as the quality is ensured by the labs and is accepted across the globe.

•    Also, the certificate ensures the ethical origin of the diamonds.

•    Definitely, non-certified diamonds are not bad, but legal assurance is not provided for its quality.

The diamonds are checked by trained gemologists and have specialized equipment to check the quality of diamonds. The weight and dimension of the diamonds are checked by the trained professionals.  Diamonds are rare and expensive but are the most demanded and popular stones in the entire world.

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