The Royalty In Your Wedding: Princess Cut Diamond Rings

When it comes to wedding, princess cut diamond rings are the second most popular choice. The face up shape of these diamonds is what makes them a great option to decorate the wedding rings. Placed as an inverted pyramid design, these rings look like a slice out of royalty. The slight modification of shape beautifully conveys the brilliance in terms of blending modern shapes with traditional ideas.

In terms of price, the princess cut of course demands its royalty. However, the diamond is still cheaper than the round or brilliant cut counterparts. The princess cut is a modified version of the original French cut and looks classier. Depending on the individual preferences, one can find colored options as well in this category. Yet! Nothing beats the beauty of the classy white.

The princess cut diamonds look good on the traditional gold bands as well as the relatively newer platinum bands. At the time of its origin, the princess cut was not so popular but over a period of time, this shape has emerged as a hot favorite. The unique shape gets its name from its appearance. Since the very appearance is royal, no other name can suit a pretty cut like this!
However, buying a princess cut diamond is not easy. First things first, you need to start with locating a reputed seller. By reputed, we mean someone who has had the experience of handling various types of diamonds and other precious stones. The person has to be well versed with the importance of cuts and clarity.

Above all, he or she should have an excellent reputation of being able to provide a top quality product. As the buyer, we would advise you to buy a certified diamond only. To put it simply, each time you buy a diamond, it should carry a certification that clarifies its cut, clarity and the other related factors. 

This way you can be certain of buying a genuine princess cut. Additionally, in future, if you plan to sell the ring, or the diamond, the certification will help you claim the right value for it.

Lastly, remember that buying a great stone is just one part of the story. The secret to a great looking wedding ring comes in the form of an excellent ornament. You ought to pick an equally stunning design for your ring if you want it to look ever so appealing.

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