Romantic Engagement Ring For Your Soul Mate

And you have found your perfect partner for life! The popular choice of engagement rings is the heart engagement rings. As the heart symbolizes true love and romance, the design is greatly in demand all over the world.

The heart cut diamond signifies numerous fire and flash. Small and big diamonds or gemstones can be fitted into the settings of a heart shaped ring.  The enchanting heart shaped rings can be made out of a single solitaire or with pave settings.

The focus on single heart shaped stone gives a stunning attribute to the engagement ring. Colorful gemstones can be fitted in the heart shaped setting and the same can be embellished with the small sized diamond pave setting. It is an excellent way to show up your love for your partner.

Features of Heart Shaped Ring:

• This design was not popular until the time when the computers and technology was not advanced.

• With the boom in technology and tools, this unique fancy diamond shape is now easily available.

• In the hi-tech world, with the help of laser cutting tools and computer expertise, a diamond can be cut in a perfect way which can have an extremely beautiful shape, fire and brilliance.

Best Settings for Romantic Rings:

The two extremely beautiful settings for the romantic engagement ring with a heart shape are bezel setting and the 3-prong setting.

• Bezel setting:With this type of setting the entire heart shaped gemstone can be easily wrapped.  Thus, ensuring the highest amount of security.However, the bezel setting can block light which can access to the diamond which limits the fire and brilliance qualities of a precious stone.

• 3-prong setting: This type of setting includes three prongs. The tow prongs are set on each upper lobe of the heart while the third prong consists of a V shape and it covers the bottom V shape of the heart. It is also a secure type of setting. This type of setting allows maximum light in to the stone. This makes the diamond sparkle with maximum of fire and brilliance.

• 5-Prong setting: This type of setting is used for larger carat diamonds.

The heart engagement rings are unique in their shape and look fancy. The engagement ring in this shape looks timeless and stunning. A certified diamond is to be bought. This ensures the quality of the diamond in the global market.

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